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Why Should I Use WordPress CMS To Create Websites

Why Should I Use WordPress CMS To Create Websites? Well, this is definitely the most pertinent question in the scenario when so many Web Designing & Development Tools are available in the market. Launched as a Content Management Tool to manage online documents across the web in the intranet, WordPress now powered around 30% of the global internet. WordPress is an excellent platform to create beautiful websites with core functionalities across different browsers as well as devices. Given below are few reasons why should you use WordPress CMS to create websites.

Open Source:- WordPress is distributed under an Open Source license. This means that it is free to download, install, use and modify it to match your needs. There is a common misconception that WordPress can only be used to create blogging websites. Well, you can use WordPress Content Management System to create small business websites, blogging websites, ecommerce stores, portfolio websites & even resumes.(WordPress as Software is free, you need to pay for hosting it).

SEO Friendly:- The main objective of creating any website is to draw traffic to make engagements. This can only be possible if your website ranks on the top with the related keywords. Most of the themes in WordPress are SEO friendly with in-built H1, H2, H3 tags to make your website SEO friendly. Furthermore, there are SEO Plugins that enable spiders to read your content for indexing purpose. You can also create SEO friendly URLs in some of the themes.

Customization & Functionalities:- With numerous free and paid plugins available, you can fully customize your website to enhance functionality. With the help of plugins, you can easily create online stores, event websites, blogs, etc.

WordPress Is Safe:- Though, WordPress is powering 30% of the websites, yet it has an unfair reputation for having poor security. Well, we have been using WordPress for 5+ Years and we have never seen any problems with our websites. In most of the cases, installation of non-compatible plugins can affect your website performance. But, overall there are no such issues. In order to ensure security, WordPress releases security patches that needs to be installed regularly to fix bugs.

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