Top Affiliate Programs To Monetize Content

In my previous blog “Affiliate Marketing – Everything You Need To Know”, I tried to provide you the overview about Affiliate Marketing and how it can be a great source for “passive income” for you in a long terms. Through this blog, I was trying to convey that instead of writing on cheap rates for others (if you are freelancer blogger or content writer) or wasting time in other activities, you should try for Affiliate Marketing as it will yield good dividends in long term. As I have already said that starting blogging doesn’t need you to be excellent in English. Basic language understanding and way to convey the message is only important. Well, in this blog, I am spotlighting “Top Affiliate Programs” which you can use to monetize content.

Google Adsense – The most talked, widely used and one of the most genuine Affiliate Programs for monetization in Google Adsense. It is perfect for beginners or for those who have just started writing. Though, Google has strict up the norms for adsense approval in order to put a check on spamming and duplicacy yet it is still good for initial level blogging. The main reason for this is that you can easily get the approval for adsense if you have quality or relevant content available on your blog. It is easy in the sense that most of the Affiliate Marketing Platforms consider few things like traffic, DA, number of clicks, ranking and some other factors while giving approval to your blog. This is not the case with Google Adsence. “Content is the King” for this program. Click Here to SignUp for Google Adsense

Amazon Affiliate – Talking of Top Affiliate Programs leaving Amazon Affiliate is like discussing literature leaving Shakespeare. Amazon Associates is counted as one of the largest affiliate marketing programs launched way back in 1996. It is considered as the largest because of the fact that Amazon has been developing solutions such as payment gateway, cloud hosting, e and m commerce platforms etc since a long time and has huge number of sellers whom it promote through this program. Furthermore, it is providing up to 10% referral fees or more in some cases if customers make purchases via a referral link. I recommend this program for fashion bloggers or health and lifestyle niches as it has huge range of products from different advertisers associated with these niches. Click Here to SignUp for Amazon Affiliate

Flipkart Affiliate – This affiliate program is quite similar to the one discussed above. The main feature of this program is that it also has huge inventory of items which people love to buy. Further, the program set-up is easy with easy approval. The program is run through json so you don’t have to worry about anything as it is simple, light and seamless. The big thing to consider this program in this blog is that it approves most of the sells made through you which is quite difficult in case of Amazon which follows very strict guidelines to consider sales through your referral links. This program is recommended for those bloggers who writes about technology, smartphones, LEDs, and other electronic items. Click To SignUp For Fipkart Affiliate

CJ Affiliate – Commission Junction is another big name in the advertising industry. It is a platform in which you get advertisers on almost all niches. This means that by signing-up CJ alone will give you access to thousands of advertisers. Getting account approval with CJ is easy and difficult both at the same time. What? It means that CJ will approve you as publisher instantly but in order to run ads, you need secondary approval directly from the Advertisers. Some of the advertisers are quick to give you approval while some are very strict in providing approval. It is recommended that before applying for Advertiser through CJ, you should first work on your website and provide info related to the niche of the advertiser. Click Here to SignUp for CJ

Cuelinks Affiliate Program – My favourite and fastest growing Coupon Feed Aggregators across India. If you are looking for affiliate programme from India then it is the one which provides you access to thousands of India based Advertisers. I am associated with this platform and like it because of easy approval and set up with regular updates and new addons, time reports and plug-play kits. Some of the big names like Paytm, Mobikwik, Flipkart, Dominos, etc are associated with this. So, you get range of discount coupons and deals for your visitors. Tracking is transparent with reports on daily/ weekly basis. SignUp for CueLinks Affiliate Program


Infolinks Affiliate Program – It is one of the most sounded name when it comes to “Content Monetization”. It is in fact counted among the largest Advertising Network having affiliation to some of the most popular brands. As an affiliate marketer, the thing which I liked most about this monetization program is easy set up. If you are using WordPress Platform then official Infolink Plugin is available. All you need is to install and set up your account. Ones, you are done, the script automatically starts working by picking up words from content to link Ads. I have been using it for past 1 year in one of my website and literally there are no issues. The best part is that it works seamlessly with any other Ad Network. Further, you don’t have to provide space in the sidebar for banners. The Ads get placed automatically in the Content Space. SignUp for InfoLinks Affiliate Programme

These are some of the Top Affiliate Programs which I am also using to monetize my blog. You can use these programmes. But it is recommended that you should go through the guidelines, commission structure and other things from the official website as advertisers and marketing platforms do change their policies frequently. Article is solely intended for information purpose only. I will bring more information about affiliate marketing in my upcoming blogs.