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WebTrafficIndia.IN – a widely referred resource journal, is inviting beginners / content writers / digital marketers/ SEO / Internet Marketer / Enthusiasts/ Marketers to “Submit Guest Posts. Submitting resources here will give you access to a fresh batch of audience which could be just the traffic you’ve been waiting for.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Blogging tips, blogging tools, and blog marketing.
  • WordPress plugins and themes (and how-to’s on using these).
  • Entrepreneurship: Running an online business.
  • Making money online tips and ideas.
  • Social media marketing, online marketing, and inbound marketing.
  • “How-to’s” and listified articles.
  • SEO tools, software, and case studies.
  • Trends, Techniques, Development, Algorithm change, Effectiveness

Our readers and Our Commitment

Our readers are primarily SEO Enthusiasts, Internet Marketers, Developers, Designers and Content Marketers. We are committed towards our readers. Our editorial board expect that you should publish original ideas. So, please avoid submitting “general topics”. For example, a generic article on the importance of SEO for your blog will be rejected. But a detailed post on Latest SEO Trends with in-depth techniques like link building/ algorithm to drive more traffic to your niche blog would be gladly accepted.

Guidelines/ Terms and Conditions:

  • Your post must be original, information rich, and not previously published anywhere else, including your own blog/site.
  • Please don’t submit generic posts on theory, the kind of posts that can be found everywhere else across the web.
  • Your post should not only be informative, but also USABLE.
  • Posts must be in good English and would be thoroughly reviewed for spellings, grammar and content prior to submission.
  • You can include images and links to original sources. (Maximum link sources =3)

Once we accept and published post on WebTrafficIndia.IN, you can’t publish that anywhere else. Not also on your own blog. If we find it published anywhere else, we would trash that without notifying you. However, you can share our URL on “Social Media” or “Featured In” Section of your own Blog. You can link your “Website” and “Social URLs” with “Author Bio”

How to Submit “GuestPost” at WebTrafficIndia?

You need to submit 2-3 topics on which you want to write on You also need to share author bio which you want to publish along with the guest post. Once our editorial board approve the topic, we will notify you. Please note only genuine topics will get approval.

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Disclaimer: We will try our best to bring your Guest Post to as many users as possible through Search Engine Optimization and Online Promotion Techniques, but we don’t guarantee any specific amount of traffic or sales.