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Are you looking for SaaS Product Writer who can improve your digital presence? Well, you should hire me. I have been into B2B SaaS Product Writing for 5+ Years with experience in diversified technology niches including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payment Gateway, and Business Intelligence Software. As Digital Transformation Copywriter, I’ve written on technologies such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, & Salesforce. Whether you need informative articles, engaging blogs, captivating newsletters, or clients’ case studies, I can help you with that.

About Me

I am an “Engineer” turned “SaaS Product Writer”. After completing “Master of Technology”, I started my career as “SaaS Copywriter” in a small mobile app development company. The company was developing SaaS based Digital Payment Platform. My job was to conduct research in “Digital Payment Ecosystem” and prepare use-cases regarding “Mobile Payment App”. After working for around 2 years, I joined ERP & CRM Implemntation Partner. I used to write about B2B SaaS Software including Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, & Salesforce. Apart from writing promotional material, I used to write “User Manuals” and “Help Guides”.

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