Review – Top and Best Payment Gateway Providers India

Looking for Top and Best Payment Gateway India is certainly a very difficult task. This is because of the fact that taking online payments involves lots of risk. Further, you never know which payment gateway providers India are reliable. Adding to your worries, is the customers’ unpredictable behaviour. You never know which online modes customers want to pay through like through credit cards, debit cards, EMI, Net Banking or with popular mobile wallets. Being a merchant, not only you have to think for your customers but also about the charges incurred in the transactions. The online threats and security issues also add to your worries. If you’re freelancer like me then these worries just going to multiply every time. In “Top and Best Payment Gateway Providers India”, I am presenting few things which one should keep in mind while selecting payment gateway.

Payment through Multiple Modes

As a merchant, you always have to ponder on how to provide convenience to your buyers. It is unpredictable to say that which customer uses which mode of payment. Thanks to “Digital India” – more convenient ways to pay are coming to surface. Apart from Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, now customers are showing interest in making payments using UPI (Unified Payment Interface), Bhim App, Bharat QR, payment links, etc. If you are merchant whether online or offline, you need to look for all these payment options. Let me take these payment modes in comprehensive manner.

Payment Gateway for Online Merchants – All you need to know

What is “Online Merchant”? Here, I am referring “Online Merchants” to those who are selling products/ services via website. Simple speaking whether you own or want to start ecommerce store or offering consultation or booking appointments online on website and want to charge your customers. This means that you are online and your buyers are also online. In that case, if you want that your customers don’t abandoned your cart due to unavailability of preferred payment mode, you need to provide all payment options like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. I am including Mobile Wallets because of the fact that if we talk of India then buyers are gladly making payments using these wallets. Since, making payments through wallets is an easy option, buyers prefer to pay through it.

Multiple Modes and Payment Gateway Integration

Apart from modes, you have to think of “Payment Gateway Integration”. Definitely, if you’re not in development, you need to hire a developer for that purpose. Integration mainly depends on which platform you are using for your website. For example, if you are using “WordPress” then it is needed that your developer or you should select payment gateway which also offers “WordPress Plugin” for integration. This means that select the one which is available as “Plug and Play Kits”. There are several payment gateway providers which are providing plugins for popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. The best example to cite here is “Paypal” as it is available as WordPress Plugin and is very easy to integrate with simple “plug and play”.

Payment by links – All you need to know

“Payment by links” is another very effective way of collecting payments. This is a preferred mode of online or digital payment collection for service providers and freelancers. In this, you can easily create and send links to your customers. This is best suited for those merchants or service providers who don’t want to integrate payment gateway in their website. How it Works? In this, you need merchant account from Top and Best Payment Gateway Providers India where you can create “payment links”. This link is nothing but payment gateway service provider own hosted web-page. It contains your merchant ID and helps in collecting payments without requiring any integration in the website. This can be send using emails, SMS, or through Social Media. When your customer clicks the link, it gets opened in the browsers and he/ she can easily make payments by filling information and using cards/ mobile wallets. How to use it? If you’re CA and wants advance payment from client, just create payment link and send it to your customer over email/ social media and payment collected in your merchant account. It is preferred for Web designers/ Web developers/ SEO/ Digital Marketers/ Content Writers/ etc who have clients based in other cities or countries.

Mobile Wallet Based Merchant Accounts

The smart phones and internet has changed our lives to a great extent. Top and Best Payment Gateway Providers India are offering Mobile Wallet based Merchant Accounts to collect payments. What exactly it is? These are payment gateway which also include payment through Mobile Wallets. The best examples are Paytm, RazorPay, etc. These are popular wallets which are also offering and counted as some of the Top and Best Payment Gateway Providers India. Using these M-Wallets you can collect payments through different modes like credit cards, debit cards, Net banking, QR Code based payments, payment links, UPI, etc. You can either integrate these wallets to your website or just use mobile wallet based links to collect payments. However, the integration process differ from providers to providers.

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