Off-Page SEO Strategies And Online Reputation Management

In my previous blog, “Off Page Optimization: Everything You Need To Know”, I have given the overview of Off Page SEO. You must be aware of the fact that Off Page is all about increasing the relevance, trustworthiness, and authority of the website. It includes activities that happens away from your website to raise your site’s rankings. These activities include but are not limited to links, social media strategy, influencer marketing, etc. We can rather say that creating exposure, trust and brand awareness is the inherited objective of Off Page Optimization. We can also clubbed that actives involved in fetching traffic to your site from different sources are also considered as the part of this activity.

I categories Off Page Optimization into Link Building and Brand Awareness

There is no iota of doubt that “link building” is still a relevant factor for ranking and fetching traffic. Search engines use links to determine how valuable a piece of content or a particular site is. Linking your website to high authority domains not only boost relevance and trustworthiness of your website in the eyes of search engines but also helps in traffic navigation to your website. If you published a quality piece of content on some highly reviewed website, then you will surely get visitors to your main website. It is the general tendency of readers to visit the original source, if they find anything relevant.

Social Media is a great tool for Brand Awareness. Though, it is not essential for ranking well in search engines, however, it gives you a unique opportunity to get in touch with customers and potential visitors. If we talk of Social Media, then potential customers find it really easy to communicate over social media handles.

Link Building Activities you Can’t Miss

Social Bookmarking / Forums/ Question Answers – Social Bookmarking is considered as the most conventional and easiest way to get links. In order to increase the relevance score of your website, you need to submit links on High DA/ PA Social Bookmarking Sites. By submitting content, not only will you get back links but this activity also helps in the caching of you website. You can further get links or traffic from Forum Sites. You can participate in discussion and spread quality content to make engagement. Question and Answers are also excellent way to engage readers. Websites like are great place to answer the queries of readers. You can also leave your link there to ensure engagement.

Articles/ Blogs/ Guest Posts – There is no iota of doubt that “Content is the King”. You can get high ranking even for your Single Page website, if you do great content marking. You can spread content in the form of articles, blogs and guest posts. Some of the well-known article directories like, hubpages, Medium, etc not only provides you great back link but also send visitors to your website. Naturally, these directories are widely referred for information purpose and if you publish great content, definitely reader will navigate to your website through the published URL. There are Web 2.0 Sites where you can publish content to get traffic to your main website. Guest Posting is another great way to get link as well as traffic. The indirect impact of guest posting remains very powerful.

How Guest Posting is different to Article Submissions? Well, in case of guest post, you will be publishing content on website having same niche as that of yours. Thus, the trust score which you get is much more as compared to article directory. Though, while publishing in article directory, you need to select the proper category but when you look broadly, then you realize that it contains lots of topics from different niche. So, Submit Guest Post at sites having same niche can yield very good results.

Local Listing/ Local Promotion – Listing Business in Top and Best Local Business Listing Sites is certainly a great thing to boost your sale. Publishing info there will increase the chances of interaction with the consumers.

Social Media – The scope of Off Page is not limited to back links. It is much beyond that as it also covers “Online Reputation Management”. Submitting news related to your business or publishing offers on platforms like Facebook can be of great reward for your business. Publication of promotional videos on YouTube channel can also be considered as a great activity as chances of engagement are more because of the fact that user understands Videos easily as compared to written text.

Press Releases, Reviews and Media Out Reach – You can spread awareness about the new launched products or services through Press Releases. Further, you can have your interviews published on Media Sites or you can attend Conferences/ Events for brand building. Apart from this, getting feedback in the form of reviews is certainly of great importance when it comes to build trust. Let your customers speak about your products/ services because there is nothing like word to mouth marketing.