How To Start A Blog

Before telling you “How To Start A Blog”, let me discuss “why you should start a blog”. The world is changing rapidly and most of the people have now started believing in “Be Your Own Boss” concept. What else can be said a better life then sitting and working from your own house/ reporting to yourself and doing work according to your own wishes while generating huge sum of money. Wondering how then this article is for you only. With a blogging website, you can earn huge sum of money while working as per your own wishes. Furthermore, there is no technical expertise required in starting your own blog, nor there is obligation of having superb in English. Just need skills to express yourself in a simpler manner.

“Who can start a blog?” Well, anyone can start blogging. Whether you are Financial Consultant, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Fitness Trainer or into any other profession, you can start you own blog. “What you should publish?” You can publish anything which you think should be of the interest of the readers. For example, if you are “Fitness” or “Yoga Trainer” then you can publish blogs related to fitness, health and lifestyle. In this age of internet, the readers are looking for authentic information. If you publish that info then you will surely get visitors.

Technical Requirements For Starting A Blog

For starting a blog, you need few things like Domain, Web Hosting & CMS to build blogging site. “How to choose domain name?” While purchasing a domain name, keep in mind that it should club with you blog theme. It means that if you want to start “Fashion Blog” then you should pick the name which reflects that blog is all about fashion.

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Further, a good and reliable web hosting company is required to register domain name and hosting. Some of the parameter which you should check while purchasing hosting are Space or disk size, emails available, sub-domains, server up time, tech support and Application Installer. If you want my recommendations then I recommend “BlueHost” for Domain Registration and Webs Hosting.

The reason for this is that “Blue Host” is recommended by WordPress. You will get enough Disk Space, along with high server uptime, emails, subdomains and tech support. The best part with “Blue Host” is that you will self-hosted WordPress CMS with that – a platform which most of the bloggers like me recommend. With simple software, you can install WordPress CMS on “Blue Host” and start working on your blog. In other words, you don’t require any Developer to build and host your blog.

Why WordPress?

As CMS, I would love to recommend WordPress for starting your “Blogging Website”.

User Friendly – The most important reason for this is that it is user-friendly and available in plug and play. This means that you don’t require any coding or technical skills to develop your blog. Simple installation at your domain and hosting is available with blue host. Further, the CMS provides you the option to easily draft content, create image gallery, publishing video and much more. You can directly publish video or can integrate from the YouTube.

Open Source – Another advantage to select WordPress as CMS is it is open source. This means that you can use WordPress for Free. Further, it is developed on framework to offer extremely advance functionality. Like, everything will be done with plug and play or drag and drop with almost negligible coding required.

Free Themes: As a starter, if you don’t want to spend in paid themes then also you can select from the widely available free themes for your blogging sites. Free themes are available for almost every niche.

Free Plugins – Plugins are used in order to enhance the functionality. With WordPress, there are millions of free plugins available which you can use to optimize your website. Not only can you make your blogging website SEO Optimized with plugin but you can further increase its speed, add new functionality and can do much more with simply plug and play. (Do Read: Must To Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog)

Community Support – With WordPress Community, you get help and assistance.

How To Earn? You can make huge money by doing affiliate marketing. If you’re working professional then also you can earn with this without leaving your job. Some of the programs which you can use include “Google Adsense” or “Infolinks”. You can also earn by accepting guest posts on your website.