How to Make a Promotional Video in 7 Easy Steps

How to Make a Promotional Video in 7 Easy Steps?

Content marketing has become the norm for driving organic, inbound traffic. People use blogs, tutorials, articles, newsletters & promotional videos. One of the most powerful tool for content marketing is promotional videos as they are converted better than text. Promotional videos not only differentiate your business from competitors but also captivate your viewers. Now, the million-dollar question is how to make a promotional video in 7 easy steps that compel viewers to press the call to action button.

Since promotional videos can be used in so many ways such as social media, advertisements, emails, and marketing sites, they have become highly demanding. People want information immediately. They prefer to watch the video rather than reading a 5000-word blog post. Furthermore, animated texts and colorful graphics offer a more compelling impact on the mind of the viewers. With YouTube and Facebook can easily take the video content online, tech-savvy brands have already started adopting video promotion.

In this article, we’ve outlined 7 easy steps to create promotional video.

1. Identify your goal – Since video creation is a costly affair, you need to be crystal clear on what you need to achieve with your video. There are different types of videos such as introductory, explanatory, problem-solving, narrative, action-driven, product-focused, testimonial, endorsement, & informative. These videos serve different purposes. For an instant, if you’re a new company, then you can use video to create brand awareness. Companies that want to bring a new product line can create promotional videos to improve sales or drive traffic to their website. Companies that are into software development can create videos to educate their users on how to use the software. Organizations that want to achieve multiple goals are requested to create multiple videos. If you try to cram multiple ideas into one video, then it will confuse your audience.

2. Tone – It is all about what you want your viewer to realize. Do you want to educate your viewers about your product? Do you want your viewers to understand how to use your software? Do you want your viewers to know how your product can improve their business performance? There are different tones. You need to club a perfect tone with your objective to achieve success.

3. Duration – Time duration plays an important role in achieving success in video promotion. If you don’t have a time parameter in your video, then it will end up too long and potentially unfocused. For example, if you want to motivate your viewers, then a 2-minute long video is sufficient. However, if you want to market a product or service, then 30 seconds long video can easily solve your purpose.

4. Video Style – Some of the popular video styles are animation, real people, B-roll, stock, live-action, screencast, & whiteboard. You can also use a combination of some or all of these visual styles. Since the combinations are endless, you need to select the style that perfectly reflects your business objective.

5. Script – It is one of the most important elements of the video. You need to be very clear on key concepts you want to use in your promo video. For instance, if you’re selling business software, then your script should highlight the main pain-points which your software can address. If you want to promote your business, then your script should be woven around the concept of core values you want your audience to connect with. However, you need to keep your script short. This will avoid frustrating scenarios like cutting a two-minute-long script to 30 seconds.

6. Storyboard – Once the script is ready, it’s time for the artist, illustrator, or designer to create visuals. Artists help to bring your script and ideas to reality. In case you want to promote an event, then you can use footage from a previous event to promote an upcoming one. For promoting a sale, you can show off your storefront or products. The better you plan things, the easier it is to set and film.

7. Produce – Once the script is ready and you’ve storyboarded your vision, it’s time to produce the video. You can shoot in your store, office, or event location or the designer can start creating slides and animating the remaining part. Don’t forget to share vital information such as discount codes, dates and times for events, or deadlines for the end of a sale. However, it is recommended that information should be presented as graphics and title cards so that audience doesn’t miss out.

Promotional videos can help in bringing in big bucks for companies if they’re shared and promoted properly. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., are helping organizations to drive more traffic and sales by leveraging video-based content. However, your video needs to contain the critical information that compels viewers to use the call to action button.

Contributor – Sohaib is an experienced SEO Content Writer in Delhi. He loves to write about Latest Trends & Technology.

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