Google Analytics – Everything You Need To Know

Whether you own a blog or a business website, you certainly want to know who your visitors are. As a website owner, you must be interested in knowing which of your online marketing campaigns (anything from local search to social media marketing) are the most successful in terms of bringing traffic and conversions to your website. You must be further interested in knowing the visitor navigation as well as in knowing what is their source of origination, their ages and their interest. Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service which provides answers to all such questions. In my previous blog “How to set up Google Analytics and Install in WordPress Website”, we have already discussed the setting up of Google Analytics Account and how you can install that in WordPress Website. In this blog, we are discussing what insights you will get though Google Analytics Tool.

Google Analytics – Best Free Tool to know your traffic

Google Analytics provides you information about how visitors interact with your website. Through this tool, you can get an idea which pages do they visit and how you can improve your website in order to get more traffic. With this tool, you can see your worldwide stats, including the average time on site and bounce rate of visitors from particular countries. You can use this information for targeting visitors with your ads in order to achieve your business goals.

Getting Started With Google Analytics

When you enter the credentials, you will get “Google Analytics Home”. Here, you will get Real Time tracking reports. In the right hand corner, you can see that there is 1 active user who is browsing my website at that point of time. Apart from this, you will get insights about users, sessions, bounce rate and session duration. All these statistics are provided against “last 7 Days”. You can change the default setting to get the real time analytics as you want to. This can be done through “Admin” Tab in the lower-left corner. In the right side, you get column for reports like Real Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour and conversions. In this blog, we are discussing only important aspects which you need to understand for tracking.


Here, you get insights about the users. When you click on “overview”, you get the report indicating how many users visited you on a particular date. Apart from this, you also get knowledge about details like New users, Returning Users, Number of Sessions Per Users, Page views, Avg Session Duration, Bounce Rate etc. Let’s elaborate these terms.


  • Users – Total Number of Users visited your website during that duration.
  • New Users – It indicates first time visitors
  • Session – It is a period time user actively interact with your website
  • Page Views – Total number of pages are viewed.

Below this you will get information about Demographics. Here, you get information about the language of your visitors, which country and city do they belong. In short, with demographics, you can understand from where you are getting traffic. Apart from demographics, other information related to system and mobile is available. Demographics also provides information about age, gender and interest. The Interest category is important as it indicates the actual interest of your visitors. You can come to know whether your targeted audience are interacting with your website.


Acquisition – This is certainly the most important report as it gives insights to how you are generating traffic. You will know your top traffic channels. In the image, you can see that WebTrafficIndia.IN is getting maximum traffic through Referrals. It is also getting organic traffic. All these statistics are available as percentage. Beneath that, data is segmented in terms of Users/ New Users/ Sessions and other fields.


All Traffic – This is a Matrix based on Traffic Sources (Organic/ Direct/ referral) and User Interaction (Acquisition/ Behaviour/ Conversion).


Source/ Medium – It provides insights about the different traffic sources. It is more refine form of report as you get exact URLs which are driving traffic to your website. Here, you can find out whether you are getting traffic from search engines are not. You also get to know which referral websites are providing you traffic. With the help of this report, you can easily draw your future online marketing strategies. Users/ New Users/ Sessions and other details are covered in this report.


There are several other reports available in Google Analytics. Some of the reports include Google Ads which provides you information about how much traffic you get through campaigns. Apart from this, you can also get insight to the performance of your social media platforms. You can get in-depth reporting about whether you’re getting any traffic from Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. I can conclude that this is certainly this is certainly the best open source platform to get deep insights about your website.

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