DSys4AR 2023

DSys4AR 2023

1st IEEE MASS Workshop on Distributed Systems for the Agriculture Revolution (DSys4AR 2023)

Increasing productivity and efficiency in agriculture has always been the main driver of human development. Nowadays, special challenges include tackling the impact of global warming and making farming more sustainable by fertilizing fields more precisely. This topic is particularly hot this year as the conflict in Ukraine, which has led to global wheat supply shortages, has shown us just how vulnerable our global supply chains are. A higher-yielding, more sustainable, and resource-conserving agriculture that is adapted to climate change is therefore urgently needed. Upcoming technologies such as UAVs, novel in-situ and remote sensing technologies, autonomous and interconnected field robots, and more precise actuators have the potential to cause a new revolution in agriculture. These technologies unleash their full potential if coordinated in distributed systems. From a communication perspective, this is particularly challenging in the agricultural domain due to the plurality of heterogeneous systems as well as the increasing amount of information that needs to be exchanged and processed. In addition, the required long communication ranges are countered by the rather weak communications infrastructure in rural areas.

The goal of this DSys4AR Workshop is to bring researchers and industry practitioners from different domains together who worked on the different aspects of distributed systems in agriculture and discuss new steps towards heterogeneous networks for the next generation of smart fields, farms, and equipment, with a myriad of networked sensing and actuator systems. The relevance of information technology solutions for optimizing food production, storage, transport, processing, and distribution is of immense social importance, not least due to the changes caused by climate change. The DSys4AR workshop will therefore discuss topics such as networked sensor systems in the field of smart farming or precision agriculture, in order to find answers to how the community of communication, sensor, and information technology can contribute here.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Low power sensing and IoT for food, livestock, and agriculture
  • Long-range and dependable wireless communication and sensing networks
  • Data protection, privacy, and security for agricultural stakeholders
  • Production chain traceability, food storage, and food processing monitoring
  • Sustainable and environmental-friendly sensor networks
  • Remote sensing with UAVs and Earth Observation (EO) satellites
  • Networked robotics and agricultural machinery
  • In-situ mobile and crowd sensing
  • Real-world applications including deployment experiences, challenges, and fails

Important dates
Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: June 14, 2023 (old: May 31)
Paper Acceptance Notification: July 05, 2023 (old: June 30)
Camera-ready Papers Due: July 14, 2023

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