Cuelinks Affiliate Program – All you need to know

If we talk of India and especially after commencement of “Digital India” initiative, we have seen a tremendous growth in e-commerce and other digital services. Same is true with “Affiliate Marketing” as passionate bloggers and writing enthusiasts are looking for different monetization programs. Cuelinks is a revolutionary affiliate link management service which I personally recommend for Indian bloggers or websites that have traffic from India. If I talked of my blog “WebTrafficIndia.IN” then most of the traffic I get from India. For such blogs as that of mine “Cuelinks” is a feast which helps you monetize content in number of ways. Cuelinks was introduced on a motive to provide better affiliate link management and reporting solution to the publishers. The main notion behind the starting up of Cuelinks is to provide advertisers with a platform that can help in promoting their products without putting much efforts. Further, publishers do want real time reports and tracking of the sales and tracking through their links. Cuelinks is one-stop solution for both advertisers and publishers. Have quick look at Cuelinks Coupons and deals

Why I am recommending CueLinks Affiliate Programme?

As an affiliate link management service, Cuelinks provide you access to different publishers across India. You don’t have to waste time in going through “terms and conditions” of different advertisers as you will get some of the most popular brands like Paytm, Mobikwik, Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio, Dominos, etc under single roof. Like CJ Affiliate Programme, it is also single stop solution but with much more ease. In case of CJ Affiliate Programme, you need approval from brands also and have to comply with their terms and conditions. Here, nothing is like that. You just need you website to get approved and then you can start promoting links.

Another appreciable feature about CueLinks Affiliate Programme is that it is very easy to run campaigns through it. You can monetize your website using Javascript, CueWords & Cuewidgets. In case, you want to monetize your Mobile App then mobile SDK or Android SDK is available which you can use for monetization purpose.

Cue Javascript is a simple script similar to google adsense script, which just require copy and paste in the box. Rest API based fetch will take place automatically and you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are using WordPress as I am using for my blog, all you need is to paste the script in the HTML container to run ads. If you use CueWords then this script will automatically convert words into clickable links. CueWidgets are most reliable and easier way. You just need to set the campaign by selecting which category of coupons or deals, you want to display. Once you do that, you get a script which you can paste on any page or post of your website to ensure monetization. So, it is really easy to use.

The report tracking and analysis along with support service is just excellent. You get daily updates related to the new

 campaigns and deals or any new advertiser is on board. Further, clicks and reports are also provided so that you keep an eye on your website performance related to promotion. Last but not least is that you also get referral link to share on social media or through emails to earn more.

In nutshell, I would like to recommend CueLinks Affiliate Programme. You should monetize content using this affiliate marketing service and start generating additional revenue by offering deals and discounts to your visitors. As more and more advertisers are joining with this, so the probability of getting conversion is just multiplying.

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