Cheap Web Hosting in India

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My article “Cheap Web Hosting in India” is all about significant factors which you should look while selecting your web hosting service provider. Choosing the best & cheap Web Hosting in India or any other country across the world is a tough task, owing to the fact that it includes several factors. What are these factors? Let me spotlight these so that you don’t face any difficulty in selecting the best service.

Server Uptime: Whether you want Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting or VPS hosting, server uptime is certainly the most crucial factor which can influence your site performance to a great extent. We are living in a digital world and any you can never predict when a visitor comes to your website. So, it is mandatory that your website should be properly working without having any downtime. In case a visitor comes, find your website down then he/ she will certainly navigate to some other site. Not only will you lose a customer but also it adversely affects your brand image.

Disk space: Another thing which you should look for while selecting web hosting providers is the disk space. You have to upload large amount of data on your server so it is essential that it should contain huge space.

Bandwidth: This is certainly a crucial factor because of the fact that it is responsible for the speed. The more the bandwidth, the better will be sit uploading speed. So, it is always wiser to choose a company that offers high bandwidth.

Domains & Sub Domains: Some of us prefer to host different aspect of website on different subdomains. Like some wants to host blog on “” or shop on “”, etc. So, always check how many sub domains are allowed in the hosting service.

Email Accounts: You and your staff definitely need “official email accounts”. So, verify how many email accounts are available with you web hosting service.

Site Builder & softaculous: If you are a blogger or SEO like me then site builder or softaculous software is a necessity because we don’t work on local host and all. Softaculous software automaticall installs CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc without requiring any coding whatsoever.

Tech Support: Last but not least as whenever you face any issue, you need someone who can instantly help you.