Adwords Vs SEO

AdWords Vs SEO – Which Is More Beneficial For Your Business?

Most of the internet marketers often think what would be a great strategy to boost online business i.e. AdWords or SEO. AdWords is a termed used for paid advertisements. There are several platforms such as Google, Facebook, Quora, etc are offering advertisers to display their brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, & video content within the advertisement network. They are charging money on the display. There is no iota of doubt that Google AdWords is the most heard and preferable Ad Network. While on the other hand Search Engine Optimization is practicing best optimization techniques to ensure that your web pages get ranking in the searches with the targeted keywords. So, what is recommended? Whether to invest on Google AdWords or SEO.

Well, based upon my personal experience, I would suggest that you need to take these as different scenarios to understand AdWords Vs SEO. There is no doubt that ad network programmes such as Google AdWords help in fetching traffic as well as generating online enquiries. But Search engine Optimization has its own benefits. For example, if you are into ecommerce, dealing in apparel or clothing. You have inventory full of winter wear & you need to sell in country like India. So, India enjoy winter season for 3 to 4 months and for rest months, its summer. In order to sell your winter collection in the stipulated time frame, you need huge traffic on your website. That can only be possible through AdWords. The reason being SEO needs time to show results. If you have budget and you need to sell or fetch enquiries, a better option is AdWords.

Search Engine Optimization has its own benefits in the long term. Though, SEO needs time to show results but these results are long lasting. Furthermore, it is a cheaper alternative to maintain your website. In a long run, SEO ensures visibility in organic searches while improving your DA/PA. Once, your website started ranking on certain keywords, you will surely started getting visitors. For example, you are into Hospitality Industry with a hotel in Karol Bagh. Then, ranked keyword like “Budget Hotel in Karol Bagh” will give business a whole life.

Another important thing is that budget placed in paid ads get exhausted after certain time when the impressions get over but SEO will remain for a longer duration. AdWords are always recommended for specific duration when you need to popularize your offerings aggressively while SEO is an activity that is recommended if you a business website. The reason being a website is a virtual office that needs small investment in the form of SEO to increase you sales.

Hope, my blog “AdWords Vs SEO – Which Is More Beneficial For Your Business?” have helped you to understand different scenarios related with AdWords Vs SEO. Both AdWords as well as SEO are equally important. All you need is to understand is their differed used cases.

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